New Assamese Film “Prastavana – The Preamble” Announced


Guwahati: At a press conference held at The Guwahati Press Club on Wednesday, the new Assamese film Prastavana – The Preamble was officially announced. The film, produced under the banner of JD&KP Productions, is based on Dilip Bora’s popular novel Jatra.

Directors and Producers: Dilip Bora and Manik Roy, the directors of the film, announced that the project aims to reflect India’s current social and political climate. Dilip Bora will also serve as the producer and writer for the story and screenplay. Manik Roy will co-direct alongside Bora.

Film Crew: The assistant directors for the film are Anmol Raj Saikia and Bhaskar Dutta, with Bitul Bora as the director of photography. Editing will be handled by A. Sreekar Prasad, while Arnab Bora takes charge of the script. Costume design is by Suman Phukan, and production control by Uttam Kumar Deka. The film will feature two songs produced by Satyaranjan Bhuyan and Hiteshwar Roy.

Cast: The film stars Tapan Das, a renowned figure in Assamese cinema. Other important roles will be played by Parvi Barua, Hillol Kumar Pathak, Ashwini Bhuyan, Abotosh Bhuyan, Kaushik Nath, RK, Seemanta Raj Sharma Kandali, Antara Chowdhury, Kalpana Barua, Rashmirekha Sharma, Suraj Kalita, Mukut Nath, Reena Chowdhury, Samar Bora, Nilotpal Das, and Chitra Bhowmik.

The filmmakers are committed to bringing a compelling narrative to the screen, exploring significant social and political themes relevant to contemporary India.

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