Mira Borthakur Goswami’s Cryptic Social Media Post Sparks Confusion


Guwahati: Assam Congress leader Mira Borthakur Goswami, who recently contested and lost the Guwahati Lok Sabha seat by over 2 lakh votes to the BJP, has stirred confusion with a cryptic social media post. She wrote:

“It is the responsibility of the commander to fight from the front in the war, the commander who leaves the battlefield and makes a safe distance is like a lion without teeth! We have fought from the front and will continue to fight.”

Goswami’s statement, which does not mention any specific names, has left the people of Assam puzzled. Typically, when she criticizes the BJP or the BJP-led government, she explicitly names the issues and individuals involved. This time, her reference to a “lion without teeth” has led to speculation that she may be targeting someone within her own party.

Analysts suggest that her remark could be aimed at Bhupen Kumar Borah, the state president of the Assam Congress, or another party leader, as the term “commander” might refer to the party’s leadership. Additionally, in a recent social media post, Goswami mentioned that the Congress would form the government under the leadership of Gourav Gogoi, indicating her possible dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

There is also speculation that her criticism could be directed at Congress MLAs from constituencies like West Goalpara, Boko, Chaygaon, and Dudhnoi, which fall under the Guwahati Lok Sabha constituency, as these areas garnered fewer votes despite being represented by Congress MLAs.

It is noteworthy that despite having experienced senior leaders within the Assam Congress, Mira Borthakur Goswami was given the ticket to contest from the Guwahati Lok Sabha constituency. This decision had caused discontent among many Congress leaders, especially since Goswami had previously lost in the 2021 State Assembly poll from the West Guwahati Assembly constituency.

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