Human Trafficking Racket Busted: Police Rescue Two Girls in Bihar


Guwahati: The Bhangagarh Police have rescued two young girls from a human trafficking group. Several people involved in this crime have been arrested.

The case started when a worried mother reported at Bhangagarh Police Station that her 18-year-old daughter went missing after arguing about buying a new mobile phone. The daughter went to a friend’s house, and then both girls disappeared. During the investigation, the victim’s brother received a ransom call asking for Rs 30,000 for her release. The call was traced to Purnia, Bihar. The police team went to Purnia, arrested Tanveer Alom, who made the call, and rescued the two girls.

The investigation revealed that the girls wanted to go to Delhi. At Paltanbazar railway station in Guwahati, Sikandar Ali offered to help but instead handed them over to Idrish Ali of Basistha. Idrish, his wife Babli, and their associate Khairun Nessa from Panjipara, West Bengal, took the girls to Siliguri by bus and sold them to Akbor of Panjipara, Bihar for Rs 1,10,000. Akbor then handed the girls to Tanveer Alom, who forced them to work in a brothel in Rawta, Bihar.

With enough evidence, the police arrested Idrish Ali from Pilinkata, Basistha, and Sikandar Ali from Paltanbazar Railway Station. They also arrested Khairun Nessa, who was staying at Idrish Ali’s house and planning to traffic another girl. The police are still looking for Idrish Ali’s wife, who is missing. The arrested individuals have been presented before the judicial magistrate and are under police custody.

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