Guwahati Witnesses Surge in Alcohol Sales During Holi


Guwahati: Guwahati experienced a remarkable surge in alcohol sales during the recent Holi celebrations, with transactions soaring to Rs 11 crore and 8 lakh over just two days, said media reports.

During last year’s Diwali festivities, alcohol sales in Guwahati reached Rs 6.8 crores over a span of two days. Similarly, the three-day Durga Puja celebrations witnessed a staggering Rs 22 crores worth of alcohol sold in the city.

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While festivals provide opportunities for joyous gatherings and cultural exchange, authorities and public health experts have expressed concerns regarding the ramifications of heightened alcohol consumption. They emphasize the potential for alcohol to contribute to public disturbances and health issues, highlighting the need for responsible consumption practices.

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