Guwahati Launches Advanced Waste Management Fleet


Guwahati: Guwahati has taken a significant step towards urban cleanliness and sustainability by introducing a state-of-the-art waste management fleet. Mayor, Mrigen Sarania, inaugurated two advanced mechanized road sweeping machines and 60 e-Light Commercial Vehicles (E-LCVs) for door-to-door waste collection. This initiative positions the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) among the first in India to utilize e-LCVs for household garbage collection.

The mechanized road sweeping machines, costing Rs. 5.87 crores, are set to enhance the cleanliness of major roads within the GMC jurisdiction. These machines will effectively reduce dust and ensure efficient street sweeping, significantly improving the city’s overall cleanliness.

The addition of 60 e-LCVs, acquired at a cost of Rs. 6.69 crores, represents a major upgrade in Guwahati’s waste management capabilities. These electric vehicles will not only boost the city’s aesthetic appeal but also address air pollution concerns. As a non-attainment city under the National Clean Air Programme, Guwahati’s adoption of electric vehicles for waste management is a crucial step towards reducing fossil fuel emissions and promoting sustainability. GMC plans to establish fast charging stations to support the efficient use of e-LCVs, further advancing the city’s sustainability efforts.

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Several prominent figures, including the Deputy Speaker, Members of the Mayor-in-Council, Joint Commissioners, Municipal Secretary, Collector, Assistant Commissioners, Executive Engineer of Janxala Branch, and Assistant Executive Engineer of Janxala Branch, attended the event, highlighting the initiative’s significance.

In his speech, Mayor Mrigen Sarania emphasized the initiative’s importance for public health and environmental protection. He highlighted GMC’s continuous efforts to improve civic services and combat air pollution under the National Clean Air Programme, aiming to enhance the quality of life for Guwahati’s residents.

GMC’s innovative waste management fleet is poised to serve as a model for other Indian cities, demonstrating how modern technology can effectively address urban challenges. By improving waste collection efficiency and reducing emissions, Guwahati is leading the way towards a cleaner, healthier future for its residents.

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