“GAGANYAAN: A Celestial Odyssey” Science Exhibition at Down Town Gurukul Moranhat


Moranhat: Students at down town Gurukul Moranhat transformed their school into a captivating cosmic spectacle with the science exhibition “Gaganyaan: A Celestial Odyssey.” The event, presented in both English and Assamese, welcomed attendees on an immersive journey through space exploration.

Artistic Brilliance Shines At Down Town School Exhibition

Inaugurated by esteemed guests Dr. N.N. Dutta and Ms. Bandana Dutta, the exhibition featured thematic wings covering Earth, Mars, Moon, Sun, Solar System, and Galaxy. Attendees experienced the temperatures of planets through creative light projections, adding a realistic touch to their cosmic adventure.

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The event showcased the fusion of art, culture, and science with the ‘Dance of Stars’ and ‘Dance of Planets,’ bringing celestial bodies to life. Additionally, the inauguration of a children’s play park added a delightful touch to the cosmic gathering.

“Gaganyaan” seamlessly integrated science, art, and culture, sparking curiosity and celebrating the wonders of the cosmos. This exhibition surpassed conventional boundaries, igniting a passion for the marvels beyond.

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