Elephant Calf Rescued from Well in Kamrup


Boko: Assam state Forest officials, aided by locals, took prompt action to rescue a wild elephant calf that had fallen into a well in Karekura Forest village under the Chaygaon Revenue Circle in Kamrup district, along the Assam-Meghalaya border. Notably, this area falls under the Kulshi Forest Range of the West Kamrup Forest Division.

According to Kulshi Range Officer Dipen Deka, the incident occurred Wednesday night when a herd of wild elephants was roaming the area, and one of the calves accidentally fell into a well near a local residence. Upon discovery, villagers immediately informed the forest department.

Dipen Deka, along with several forest personnel, arrived at the scene and, with the cooperation of villagers, successfully rescued the elephant calf unharmed from the well.

However, Deka believes that the calf fell into the well recently, as it showed no signs of fatigue during the rescue operation and after being pulled out.

“Two excavators were used to create a passage to the well and safely rescue the baby elephant. The rescued calf was then safely returned to the forest and reunited with its herd,” added Dipen Deka.

Deka expressed satisfaction with the villagers, stating that they know how to coexist with wild elephants under the Kulshi Forest Office. He mentioned that when a herd of wild elephants enters the village, villagers maintain a safe distance and promptly inform the forest department to drive the herd back into the forest, resulting in minimal human-elephant conflict in the area under the Kulshi Forest Office.

Deka also mentioned that a total of twenty villages (Forest Villages) fall under the Kulshi Range office.

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