Bringing Back the Taste of Sonapur Oranges : Daffodil Nursery’s Effort


Sonapur: Daffodil Nursery, near Sonapur, is working hard to make the famous oranges of Sonapur taste great again. These oranges are also known as kamala or sumathira.

The nursery has planted lots of special orange trees like Khasi Mandarin and Nagpur Mandarin. They’re doing experiments to make the oranges come back to their old glory days.

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People who want to learn how to grow oranges and make money can talk to the nursery. Right now, each plant in the nursery gives about 500 to 600 oranges.

Dr. Dhrubajyoti Sharma, who owns the nursery, talked to the news and said that Sonapur used to be known for its special oranges. But now, there are fewer oranges cultivation because of problems. The nursery is working to figure out the best ways to grow oranges and make them good again.

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