Assamese Film “Emon” to Release on July 5


Great news for Assamese cinema fans! Assamese films are bringing new energy to the cultural scene in Assam. One film after another is being released in theaters, and the latest is “Emon,” directed by popular dance director Aseem Baishya. The film will hit theaters on July 5.

“Emon” features a talented cast, including Siddharth Sharma, Dwipjyoti Keont, Debjit Majumdar, Siddhant Kalita, Munmi Phukan, Pratibha Chaudhary, and many others. The movie tells a beautiful story full of emotions and romance. Aseem Baishya has said that “Emon” is a family-friendly film that everyone can enjoy. He hopes it will attract the younger generation to Assamese cinema.

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The film’s music is already popular. Zubin Garg’s song “Chaku Mudi Japiyam,” composed by Ibson Lal Baruah, has gained a lot of fans. The music video, featuring Munmi Phukan and Arnab Ayan, is also a hit. Another song, “Mur Sohoror,” features the voices of popular singer Dikshu Sharma and newcomer Emon.

“Emon” is written and directed by Bipul Chandra Das and Iti Gogoi Das, with the story and direction by Aseem Baishya. The screenplay and dialogues are by Mridul Kumar Bora. The movie is a story about a young girl, starring Madhurima Chowdhury, Debjit Majumdar, Mahendra Das, Pratibha Chaudhary, Munmi Phukan, Siddharth Sharma, Dwipjyoti Keot, Simi Rayan, Vicky, Rajeev Goswami, Arnab Ayan, Siddhanta Kalita, Imran, Snigdha Gogoi, and Saaju.

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