Assam CM Rebukes Nalbari DC for Ignoring Meal Guidelines


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has reprimanded the District Commissioner (DC) of Nalbari for failing to follow specified meal guidelines during the cabinet meeting on June 27.

Despite the Chief Minister’s clear instructions to serve a simple vegetarian meal, the event featured an extensive array of dishes. This deviation prompted CM Sarma to express his extreme displeasure and issue a formal reprimand to the Nalbari DC.

In an official statement, CM Sarma emphasized the importance of adhering to directives:

“In spite of repeated instructions from this office to arrange a simple vegetarian meal during the Cabinet Meeting held on 27/06/2024 at Nalbari, you have not followed the instructions accordingly. Rather, elaborate arrangements were made for serving the lunch with too many items. I express my extreme displeasure for such action on your part. Henceforth, such instructions should be carried out scrupulously.”

The meal served at the cabinet meeting included plain rice, jeera rice, and pulao, along with mutton curry, special fish curry, fried fish, small fish cooked with ginger, mixed lentil soup, fried small potatoes, fried brinjal, mashed potatoes with mustard oil, sesame seed chutney, pickle, sweet yogurt, gulab jamun, and several other items totaling 22 dishes.

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