US Government Offers Prestigious IVLP to Two Assam Journalists


Guwahati: Two journalists from Assam, Barasha Das and Sumir Karmakar, have been selected for the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) by the US Department of State. The project, titled “Call to Climate Action: Building Public Awareness through Media Advocacy,” will provide them with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of climate change initiatives.

Das and Karmakar is visiting various locations in the United States, including Washington DC, Detroit (Michigan), Boise (Idaho), and Boulder (Colorado). The program aims to assess progress in achieving climate change goals at national, state, and local levels. They will observe the integration of environmental policy-making with media campaigns and develop strategies to increase public engagement in environmental conservation.

On June 18, the journalists, along with four other group members, visited the US Department of State to learn about US climate and environmental diplomacy and its goals of economic growth, energy security, and planetary health.

Sumir Karmakar has 17 years of experience in newspapers and digital media. As a Special Correspondent for the Deccan Herald, he covers the Northeastern states of India. Karmakar has completed media fellowships focused on climate change and resilience in regions like Majuli, Bodoland, and Dhubri.

Barasha Das is an independent journalist specializing in climate change and environmental issues in Northeast India. She was a fellow of the QoC-CANSA Fellowship on Cities and Climate Change in 2023.

They are accompanied by Isabella Nawodita Gurung (Gangtok), Jaideep Deogharia (Ranchi), Pooja Mehta Batavia (Kolkata), and Sabita Kumari (Patna), representing Sikkim Express, The Times of India, Times Now, and Dainik Bhaskar, respectively.

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